Home Made Play-doh!!

Just tried making home made play doh for the first time, while the kids were napping!

This stuff is amazing! I can already tell it’s going to be cleaner than typical paydoh! It’s less sticky and It doesn’t seem to have those annoying pieces everywhere that crumple and dry all over the house!

Also- the tutorial says this lasts for months! We’ll see!

This is the tutorial I used:


::::: NEW TOTES :::::

$15 + $3.75 – shipping

All totes are made out of lightweight cotton

15” x 15”

Great for:

  • Books
  • Groceries
  • Beach Bag
  • Art Supplies
  • Kids
  • Gifts
  • & more!

** some of the pictures had to be taken at an angle because you can’t see the silver vinyl straight on but all bags are the same size & shape ***